Japanese-to-English Translation Commissions

━━━━━━ Commission Information ━━━━━━
Service: Japanese to English translations
Opened: 2006
Last Updated: August 29, 2020
Fansub/Scan Portfolio (search translating)
I have experience in all aspects of fansubbing and offer them as services as well. Please inquire for specific rates.

━━━━━━ Prices ━━━━━━
Generally, I will request to see the material before giving a price. 24-minute episodes, excluding opening/ending songs, are generally $40 each if closed captions, manga source and/or transcript are available. Video portions without closed captions/manga source/transcript will be at least double if I accept in the first place (not likely).
Manga rate is a very general ballpark starting at 50 cents per page for action-based shounen manga (without sound effects translated) and goes up depending on genre, word density, and length of project (longer projects are more likely to maintain lower rate as potentially less research is required, while one-shots require extra initial research).

The customer will receive translations in .txt (notepad) files by default. If there is another format in which you would like to receive the translations, we can discuss that as well.

Please give me as many additional details as you can when requesting.
I'm willing to translate a lot of things, but I have the right to decline your request.

━━━━━━ Turnaround ━━━━━━
The time needed to translate greatly depends on the amount of material and research necessary to complete the translation.
I work full-time and live independently, so my rates are within a modest range for squeezing in at least one or two 20-minute episode (or one or two manga chapters) translations in per week across all clients. Of course, there are situations when I won't be able to work even at that rate.
That being said, take careful note that my rates are NOT anywhere near industry rates because of the previously mentioned reasons. Translation commissions are a side gig for me, not my full-time work.
If you require expedited deadlines, discuss them with me and be aware my rates will be adjusted according to those as well. If I know that I cannot meet the deadline you require, I would recommend you seek out another translator.

━━━━━━ Payment ━━━━━━
I currently accept Paypal (Paypal fees will be applied), bank checks, or concealed cash in the post (at your own risk). Only Paypal is accepted for payments outside the US. Commission/s will not be complete until full payment is received.

━━━━━━ Contact ━━━━━━
E-mail splash@pmsinfirm.org (with the subject "Translation Commission") with the following information:
● request (please provide the FULL extent of the material for faster communication)
● method of payment. If you are paying outside the US, I will need to know ahead of time as well
● optionally, let me know if you would like to keep the commission confidential

I will email back with the final price if I accept your request.
Otherwise, I will reply asking for more details about your request or with a decline.
Serious customers only.~

━━━━━━ Current Status ━━━━━━
● OPEN! (limited)
● Confidential clients (2)
I will likely not accept any audio projects that don't come with Japanese closed captions/transcripts.

━━━━━━ Completed Commissions ━━━━━━
● Aoki Densetsu Shoot! anime episodes 40, 41, 43-50 w/ Saizen fansubs (May-July 2007)
● Ashita no Joe anime episodes 13-15 w/ Saizen fansubs (2010)
● Digimon NEXT manga chapters 1-25 w/ Digital Starlight (2006-January 2008)
● MAJOR 3rd season anime w/ Saizen fansubs episodes 18-23 (2007)
● Pokemon Monsters Advance Generation w/ Rocket Gang (ep 147-168) 2009
● Pokemon Ranger manga w/ DATS scanlations - 5 chapters (2007)
● Slam Dunk! anime episodes 5-25 w/ Saizen fansubs (2007-2008)
● The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords+ manga (private commission) - 2 Volumes (2007-2008)
● Yumedamaya Kidan w/ Saizen fansubs (2007)
● Confidential anime, manga and doujinshi (2006-current)