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*clears throat* Colorbar flood attack.
Marriage is love.

By florise

Yakumo is love.

Masaomi is love.

Riku is love.

Riku is love uke.

Kogenta x Riku is love.

Nazuna/Horin is love.

Kogenta is love.

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Shuji to Akira are dorky love

Takemoto is love.

Fukuyama Jun is Love


Gakuen Heaven is OMG BISHOUNEN love  

Taito is love

Kouichi Kimura is Dark Love.

KilluaxGon is underage sex love

SoubixRitsuka is Underaged Defiant Love

Golden Pair is love

Echizen Ryoma is Love


Franz x Albert is More-Than-Friends Love

Franz is fighting spirit love

Pirate!Albert is ARRRRRR-rated love

One Piece is love.

Serious Luffy is love

Zoro is suicidal love

Luffy's tongue is ridiculous love

Zoro is love.

Luffy is love.

Chopper is love.

Sanji is love.

Shanks is love.

NarutoxSasuke = Fangirl Love <3


Sasuke is special facial expressions <3

Hokage are love

Gash is on crack.
Gash is on crack.

Sasuke x Naruto is Love


Sasuke is so Gay


Gekkou Hayate is *Cough* Love


Bleach is protective love


Yakitate!! Japan is Expressionate Bread-making Pun Love

Sunao and Sora are Beautiful Love

Sukisho is weird bunny love.
Made by: wonderland__

Matsuri is Do-It-All!Love
Cluster Edge is love.
Made by: wonderland__

Wolf's Rain is love. Bases by: fierydelight.

Kai Is Sexy Love

Tyson Is Love

Takao + Kai

TyKa Is So Canon

Roy Mustang is teh love smex


Full Metal Alchemist is Love